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Laser vs Osseous Surgery in Clifton Park, NY

Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery Clifton Park, NY

In order to decide if laser gum surgery is right for you, it is important to be well educated on the subject. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Laser Assisted new Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) and other forms of gum disease treatment in Clifton Park, NY:

Q: What is the difference between periodontal disease and gum disease?

A: Periodontal disease is an advanced form of gum disease. Over time, the plaque that covers your teeth and gums will harden to form tartar. This provides an ideal place for bacteria to breed and grow. Once gum disease has worsened to the point of becoming periodontal disease, aggressive treatment is needed to correct the problem.

Q: Is laser gum surgery painful?

A: Not only is LANAP® a less painful treatment option, it is also less stressful and less time consuming than traditional dental surgery. This is because the laser we use is able to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue, resulting in less tissue removal.

Q: Does LANAP® have any other benefits?

A: Because there is less tissue removal involved in laser gum surgery, there is less recession of the gum line. This also means the healing time is shorter and the risk of infection is much smaller. Because the laser helps to stimulate bone and tissue regrowth, LANAP® can often save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Q: How can I be sure laser gum surgery is safe?

A: LANAP® is the only form of laser gum surgery that is cleared for use by the FDA. This is because it relies on a piece of technology known as the PerioLase® MVP-7™. This laser has been proven effective through years of scientific research around the world. Dr. Azadivatan is one of a small, select group of periodontists that is licensed to perform LANAP®.

Q: Is laser gum surgery right for me?

A: To find out if you are a candidate for laser gum disease treatment in Clifton Park, NY, you will need a personal consultation. Contact Dr. Azadivatan to schedule yours today!

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