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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body in Clifton Park, NY

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body Clifton Park, NYNot only will brushing and flossing daily ensure a healthy mouth, but a healthy body as well. Research shows that the same bacteria that cause gum disease can also contribute to various other illnesses in the body as well. This means that regular visits to Clifton Park, NY periodontist, Dr. Neda Azadivatan can lower your risk of contracting serious physical illness.

Pancreatic Cancer and Heart Disease

Practicing good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing daily, can help reduce your risk of cancer or heart disease. This is because the inflammation caused by gum disease allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. By reducing your risk of gum disease, you are also reducing your risk of more serious physical illness.


According to a recent study published in the journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, there exists a link between gum disease and memory. In this study, it was reported that adults suffering from gingivitis displayed poor results in tests of memory and cognitive skills. These same adults also showed a weakened capacity for delayed verbal recall and subtraction.

Premature Birth

Some studies have suggested an influence of gingivitis on pre-term, low birth weight children. This means that maintaining good oral health is not only beneficial to your health, but your baby’s health as well. It is suggested that expectant mothers schedule consultations with Dr. Azadivatan as part of their pre natal care. This will help to establish an effective oral care regimen and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Establish a Routine Early

The earlier you teach your children about brushing and flossing daily, the better. Habits that are learned in childhood will often carry over into adulthood. Remember to set an example for your kids and practice these habits as well. Brushing and flossing daily as well as regular visits to your Clifton Park, NY periodontist will go a long way. Contact Dr. Azadivatan to schedule a consultation today!

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