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Tooth and Bone Loss in Clifton Park, NY

Gum Disease and Tooth and Bone Loss Clifton Park, NYIn addition to being a primary cause of swollen gums, gum disease will often lead to tooth loss in adults. This can cause many complications that will affect your daily life. As a leading provider of periodontics in Clifton Park, NY, Dr. Neda Azadivatan can treat your gum disease and prevent tooth loss from affecting your quality of life.

When adult tooth loss occurs, you will begin to see changes in several every day activities. Some of these activities include:

Eating Habits

When teeth become loose or misaligned, chewing certain foods can become difficult and even painful. This drives many sufferers to alter their diet to include mostly soft foods. The problem with this kind of diet is that it often does not meet the body’s nutritional needs and can result in constipation, weight loss, and other similar illnesses.

Speech Patterns

Teeth play an important part in the formation of certain letter sounds. When tooth loss occurs, your speech could become severely altered and difficult to understand. A lot of times a lisp will develop and cause embarrassment to the patient.

In addition to being a cause of swollen gums, gum disease can also cause a swollen tongue. When tooth loss occurs, the tongue will expand to fill in the empty space. This makes it harder to control and therefore harder to speak clearly.

Facial Appearance

Teeth play a major role in holding the lips and cheeks in place. When tooth loss occurs, these areas lose their natural support system and can adopt a “sunken in” look. This will increase any signs of aging and make the patient look much older.

Head and Neck Pain

In addition to being a leading cause of swollen gums, gum disease can cause major pain in your everyday life. Misalignment occurs when a tooth is lost and can no longer hold the other teeth in place. Gradually, the remaining teeth will begin to shift and fill the remaining space. When teeth become misaligned, the bite pattern can change and cause pain in the head, neck, and jaw.

In order to prevent gum disease from taking over your life, early treatment is key! For more information about periodontics in Clifton Park, NY, contact Dr. Azadivatan to schedule a consultation today!

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