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The LANAP® Procedure in Clifton Park, NY



Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

Patients who are normally averse to painful dental surgery are now being referred to Dr. Neda Azadivatan for laser gum disease treatment in Clifton Park, NY. With the Laser Assisted New Attachment procedure (LANAP®), Dr. Azadivatan can remove the infected tissue in a less invasive manner that does not harm the healthy tissue or the root structure. Unlike traditional dental surgery, LANAP® does not use a blade to cut tissue, but instead utilizes a new laser technology to vaporize only the diseased tissue.

The longer you put off treatment, the worse your condition will get. When gum disease is left untreated, the condition will continue to worsen until severe, irreversible damage has been done to your teeth and gums. However, if treatment is sought early enough Dr. Azadivatan can use LANAP® to remove your gum disease and reverse any damaging effects in just six short steps.

1. First, a small probe is inserted between the tooth and gum. This is done to measure the depth of your periodontal pockets and tell us how much attachment loss has occurred.
2. Next, the laser will make its first pass over the area to remove any diseased tissue. Because the laser is not absorbed by healthy tissue, bone, or root, patients will not experience the level of pain or discomfort that is involved with traditional dental surgery.
3. After the diseased tissue is removed, tiny ultrasonic scalers are used to remove the calculus deposits from underneath the gum line.
4. Then the laser will make a second pass over the area to create a blood clot and form a safe, stable environment for healing to begin. This will also stimulate the bone and tissue to promote regrowth and reverse many of the damaging effects cause by gum disease. In many cases, LANAP® can save teeth that would have been lost with traditional dental surgery.
5. Tissue is then recompressed against the surface of the tooth without using stitches.
6. Finally, you bite is adjusted so that your teeth can be checked for signs of trauma.

LANAP® provides patients with a way to treat gum disease without enduring large amounts of pain or discomfort. While traditional dental surgery will often require pain medication after the procedure, LANAP® usually does not. For more information on laser gum disease treatment in Clifton Park, NY, contact Dr. Azadivatan to schedule a consultation today!

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