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Bone Grafting in Clifton Park, NY

Grafting bone is a process in which bone loss is repaired by taking a bone sample from one area and grafting it onto the area where deterioration has occurred. Bone loss is most often caused when a patient loses one or more teeth as a result of injury or decay. When a tooth is lost, the bone in that area does not receive stimulation and will begin to deteriorate. If there is not enough bone to support the implants, this can be problematic for patients who wish to receive them. In such cases, patients can see Dr. Neda Azadivatan about bone grafting for dental implants.

There are three different methods of grafting bone:

  • • Autogenous graft – This method takes the bone from an unimportant area, such as the chin, and places it in the area of the mouth being restored. This method of grafting bone is beneficial because the bone is taken directly from the patient, so there is little risk of rejection or infection.

  • • Allograft – In an allograft, the bone sample is not taken from the patient’s own body, but rather a cadaver whose bone has been donated to a bone bank. The material undergoes a careful screening process to make sure it is safe.

  • • Xenograft – A xenograft takes bone from a non-human source, usually a cow. This method of grafting bone is beneficial because it does not necessitate a second surgical site and large amounts of bone can be found easily.

After the procedure, you will be administered antibiotics and pain medication. You will also be recommended a diet of soft, easily chewed foods for a few weeks following the bone grafting. For dental implants to be placed successfully, the area must be completely healed. If you would like more information about bone grafting for dental implants in Clifton Park, NY, please contact Dr. Azadivatan and schedule your consultation today!

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