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Gum Grafting in Clifton Park, NY

Gum Grafting in Clifton Park, NYReceding gum causes can include anything from poor oral health, to gum disease or the treatment of gum disease. Gum recession in adults is characterized by the movement of the gum line down toward the root of the tooth. When this happens, a larger portion of the tooth is exposed and left vulnerable to bacteria and decay. For this reason we urge our patients to contact Dr. Neda Azadivatan at the earliest sign of gum recession in adults.

Because receding gum causes little pain or discomfort until the later stages, it often goes undetected. Patients will most often seek treatment for gum recession out of cosmetic concerns rather than health concerns. When the gum line begins to recede, teeth may start to appear larger than normal and cause embarrassment. By undergoing a gum grafting procedure, the gum line can be raised to a more attractive and healthier level.

There are currently three types of gum grafts being used to treat gum recession in adults. These include:

  • • Connective-Tissue Grafts – These are most common. A flap of skin is cut from the roof of the mouth so that a tissue sample can be taken from beneath the flap. Then flap is sewn shut and the tissue sample is attached to the gum line and given time to heal.

  • • Free Gingival Grafts – In this method, the tissue sample is taken directly from the roof of the mouth without the need of cutting a skin flap. This is used for patients who have naturally thin gums.

  • • Pedicle Grafts – These take the tissue sample directly from the gum line. A skin flap is cut from the gums and pulled upward to cover the exposed root. Then the tissue is stitched in place and given time to heal. Pedicle grafts are used on patients that have not lost a significant amount of gum tissue.

Gum recession in adults can have different effects on different people. The specific type of treatment you get will depend on your individual case. For more information on gum grafting in Clifton Park, NY, contact Dr. Azadivatan and schedule your consultation today!

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